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Foreword to Revisiting the Public Utility

Jim Rossi & Morgan Ricks

Just Price, Public Utility, and the Long History of Economic Regulation in America

William Boyd

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Speculative Undertakings: Rate Regulation as a Branch of Corporate Finance

James Ming Chen

George Stigler on His Head: The Consequences of Restrictions on Competition in (Bank) Regulation

Prasad Krishnamurthy

“Public Utility” Regulation: Some Economic and Moral Analyses

Richard S. Markovits

Infrastructural Regulation and the New Utilities

K. Sabeel Rahman

Ending Public Utility Style Rate Regulation in Insurance

Daniel Schwarcz

Common Carriage’s Domain

Christopher S. Yoo

Eliminating Conflicts of Interest in Banks: The Significance of the Volcker Rule

S. Burcu Avci, Cindy A. Schipani & H. Nejat Seyhun

Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure

Kevin Haeberle & Todd Henderson

Universal Proxies

Scott Hirst

Reasonable Patent Exhaustion

Herbert Hovenkamp

Presidential Administration in a Regime of Separated Powers: An Analysis of Recent American Experience

Jerry Mashaw & David Berke

Presidential Authority to Revoke or Reduce National Monument Designations

John Yoo & Todd Gaziano


Penalties in Equity

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Daniel B. Listwa & Charles Seidell

Regulating by Example

Susan C. Morse & Leigh Osofsky

Stock Market Manipulation and Its Regulation

Merritt B. Fox, Lawrence B. Glosten & Gabriel V. Rauterberg

Resolving the Crisis in U.S. Merger Regulation

Dan Awrey, Blanaid Clarke & Sean J. Griffith

Containing Systemic Risk By Taxing Banks Properly

Mark Roe & Michael Troege

Dysfunctional Delegation

Hannah J. Wiseman


Credit Default Swaps on Municipal Bonds

Ming Wang


Diagramming Interpretation

James Durling